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About Equitable School Revolving Fund

Equitable School Revolving Fund is a nonprofit social impact fund created to provide long-term, low-cost facility loans that allow high-performing charter schools to maximize the resources they dedicate to students.

High-performing charter schools promote bright futures for children across America. ESRF believes these schools should borrow under terms comparable to traditional public school districts.

ESRF is an "A" rated pooled fund that offers high-credit, long-term, scalable bond investment opportunities.

Loan Portfolio

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Program Administration Team

Anand Kesavan

ESRF and EFF Founder & Chief Executive Officer

(734) 730-1025


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Michelle Getz

EFF Partner & Chief Credit Officer

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Michael McGregor

EFF Chief Operating Officer

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Wendy Berry

EFF Investment Principal - Lending & Research

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Marc Wancer

EFF Investment Principal - Lending & Credit

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Shawn McCormack

EFF Investment Principal

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Brian Kates

EFF Director of Finance

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Kevin Alin

EFF Senior Advisor - Equity & Impact

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Mark Medema

Senior Advisor - Growth Strategy

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Sam Alnagar

EFF Investment Analyst

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Jared Kane

EFF Investment Analyst

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The ESRF Bond Program is administrated by Equitable Facilities Fund

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